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11 Dec 2023

Afferent receives ISO 13485 Accreditation, for its AffeX Hypertension Technology

Afferent Medical Solutions proudly announces its attainment of ISO 13485 certification from URS, underscoring the company's dedication to excellence and commitment to stringent quality standards. This achievement bolsters Afferent's position as a leader in developing advanced neuromodulation therapies for circulatory system diseases and other underserved therapeutic areas.

25 Jul 2023

Afferent Medical Solutions Successfully Completes Phase II Trial in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients

Afferent Medical Solutions has successfully concluded its Phase II trial, examining the efficacy of transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation in acute ischemic stroke patients undergoing mechanical thrombectomy.

1 Mar 2023

Afferent Medical Solutions Receives Prestigious £650k RAIA Award to Propel Post-Stroke Recovery Research

Afferent Medical Solutions secures a £650k RAIA Award to conduct a Phase II clinical trial investigating TanX's efficacy in post-stroke recovery. This funding will also facilitate the development of a remote patient monitoring solution,

10 Feb 2022

SCRATCH-HTN Trial Receives MHRA Approval

Afferent Medical Solutions' SCRATCH-HTN trial, assessing the efficacy of auricular sensory stimulation for uncontrolled hypertension, secures MHRA approval, signaling a pivotal milestone in hypertension treatment innovation.

25 Feb 2021

Afferent Medical Solutions Completes Seed Round Funding, Propelling Innovation in Non-Invasive Medical Solutions

Afferent Medical Solutions celebrates the successful closure of its seed round funding, marking a significant milestone in its mission to innovate non-invasive medical solutions. With investor support, Afferent is poised to accelerate research and development efforts, driving forward its vision of revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge technology.

8 Jan 2021

Afferent Medical Solutions Secures £1.1 Million i4i Award for Phase II Clinical Trial and CE Mark Development

Afferent Medical Solutions secures a £1.1 million i4i award to fund its Phase II Clinical (SCRATCH-HTN) trial and develop its novel non-invasive device-based solution for uncontrolled hypertension. The trial will assess the safety, acceptability, and efficacy of autonomic neuromodulation using transcutaneous auricular sensory stimulation.

17 Jun 2019

Breaking Ground: Afferent Medical's BP Reduction Proof-of-Concept

Afferent Medical Solutions Demonstrates Early Efficacy in Blood Pressure Reduction with Novel Non-Invasive Device

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