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Afferent Medical Solutions Secures £1.1 Million i4i Award for Phase II Clinical Trial and CE Mark Development

Nikolai V Gourine

8 Jan 2021

Afferent Medical Solutions secures a £1.1 million i4i award to fund its Phase II Clinical (SCRATCH-HTN) trial and develop its novel non-invasive device-based solution for uncontrolled hypertension. The trial will assess the safety, acceptability, and efficacy of autonomic neuromodulation using transcutaneous auricular sensory stimulation.

Afferent Medical Solutions is proud to announce the receipt of a £1.1 million i4i award to finance its Phase II Clinical (SCRATCH-HTN) confirmatory trial and to facilitate the development and CE marking of its innovative non-invasive device-based solution. The SCRATCH-HTN trial, a Sham-controlled Randomized Control Trial, will evaluate the Safety, Acceptability, and Efficacy of Autonomic neuromodulation using transcutaneous auricular sensory stimulation in uncontrolled hypertensive patients.

This significant funding milestone underscores Afferent's commitment to advancing the field of blood pressure management and developing cutting-edge solutions to address the unmet needs of patients with hypertension.

"We are thrilled to receive this funding from i4i, which will enable us to further validate the efficacy and safety of our innovative device," said Prof. Andrey Gourine, [Chief Medical Officer at Afferent Medical Solutions. "This support is a testament to the potential impact of our technology in transforming the lives of individuals living with uncontrolled hypertension."

The Phase II Clinical trial will be conducted in collaboration with leading experts in the field and will build upon the promising results of previous studies. Afferent remains dedicated to rigorous scientific research and is committed to advancing its technology through robust clinical evaluation.

For more information about the SCRATCH-HTN trial, please visit:

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Nikolai V Gouirne

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