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Afferent Medical Solutions Receives Prestigious £650k RAIA Award to Propel Post-Stroke Recovery Research

Nikolai V Gourine

1 Mar 2023

Afferent Medical Solutions secures a £650k RAIA Award to conduct a Phase II clinical trial investigating TanX's efficacy in post-stroke recovery. This funding will also facilitate the development of a remote patient monitoring solution,

Afferent Medical Solutions is delighted to announce its receipt of the prestigious £650k RAIA (Research and Innovation Award). This award will drive forward a Phase II clinical trial investigating the effectiveness of TanX (Transcutaneous Autonomic Neuromodulation) in post-stroke recovery patients.

Beyond supporting the clinical trial, the RAIA award also provides the resources necessary for Afferent to develop a sophisticated remote patient monitoring solution. This integrated approach signifies Afferent's dedication to holistic patient care, ensuring that individuals undergoing TanX treatment receive comprehensive support and monitoring throughout their recovery journey.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Nikolai V Gourine

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