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Trial Participant Interview Transcript

Here is a copy of a transcript of a brief interview taken by one of the participants in the Proof-of-Concept trial on July 7th, 2018. Sarah, 76, was one of the third patients to join the trial. She was referred to the trial by a fellow cardiologist as a complicated case of resistant hypertension. Here is what she had to say:

Interviewer: Thank you, Sarah, for agreeing to speak about your experiences.

Sarah: It’s a pleasure.

Interviewer: Tell us a bit more about your journey with high blood pressure and how you heard about Afferent.

Sarah: Sure. I was a very sporty kid as far as I remember, but when it came to adulthood, the weight of being a single mom, as well as being in a legal firm, took its toll. Constant stress, sleepless nights, non-existent self-care—that’s how I would describe my life back then. I was never aware that I had high blood pressure, nor was I aware of the risks of it either, but by 50, I was in terrible shape. My readings were through the roof. I was put on several medications, which came with their own set of problems, which I have been taking since.

Interviewer: Would you expand on the issues that came with the medication?

Sarah: Constant fatigue, brain fog, migraines, bad sleep. On some days, even the simplest of tasks felt overwhelming. And no matter what I did, I seemed unable to get my BP under control. We tried under the supervision of my doctor many different combinations, but nothing made me better.

Interviewer: That sounds incredibly challenging. When did you first hear about Afferent, its new device, and what made you decide to give it a try?

Sarah: Well, my doctor mentioned it to me during one of our appointments. She explained that there was a trial going on, very early stages at that time, for this device that she thought would benefit me. Honestly, at that point, I was willing to try anything that could fix me.

Interviewer: Tell us more.

Sarah: Honestly, I was a bit sceptical at first. I mean, I'd tried so many different treatments before, and nothing seemed to work. But I was enrolled in the trial, I met the criteria, and then miracles began to happen. From the moment I started using the device, in fact, I believe it was the third or fourth day, I noticed a difference. I suddenly felt good, energetic, my sleep improved. It was as if I had been given a second life. And the blood pressure readings—I could not believe my eyes.

Interviewer: What was your impression of AffeX?

Sarah: Very simple, intuitive to use. For someone who still struggles with anything tech-related, this was great. I would usually do a session in the evening while watching TV.

Interviewer: It's been over 6 months since you last underwent treatment. How are you feeling now?

Sarah: Better than ever. Absolutely great! My blood pressure is under control. I have had the same GP for over 20 years, and she can't believe her eyes. I now take half a tablet instead of three. Yep, everything is great.

Interviewer: Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your experience with us today.

Sarah: No, thank you. This is a fantastic team, a fantastic company, and a fantastic technology. I see great potential to help millions of people who have struggled as I have. I hope all the best for this technology and encourage anyone who is struggling to never give up hope.

Interviewer: Thank you.



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