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Afferent's Proof of Concept Trial: A Paradigm Shift in Hypertension Care

Updated: Jul 8

Hypertension, a leading cardiovascular risk factor, poses a significant health challenge globally. Despite the availability of antihypertensive drugs, many patients struggle to achieve optimal blood pressure control. Recognizing this unmet need, Afferent embarked on a mission to develop a novel approach to hypertension management.

Afferent’s proof of concept study evaluated the impact of transcutaneous autonomic neuromodulation (tAN) on two groups of patients: drug-resistant hypertensives, patients who did not respond to drugs, and uncontrolled hypertensives, patient with persistently elevated blood pressure despite adherance to multiple antihypertensive medications. Utilizing non-invasive electrical stimulation of the tragi region of the auricle, participants underwent daily 30-minute sessions of tAN for a duration of 14 days.

The results of the study were striking. Among drug-resistant patients with, tAN treatment led to a significant reduction in arterial blood pressure. Similarly, participants with uncontrolled hypertension experienced notable improvements in blood pressure levels following tAN therapy.

Of particular significance was the sustained nature of the antihypertensive effect observed post-treatment. Even weeks after the discontinuation of tAN therapy, participants continued to experience lower blood pressure readings, underscoring the potential of Afferent's technology to provide lasting benefits.

Importantly, the safety profile of tAN therapy was impeccable, with no reported adverse effects among participants. This further validates the viability of Afferent's AffeX device as a safe and effective solution for hypertension management.

In conclusion, Afferent's proof of concept study represents a significant milestone in the quest to redefine hypertension management. In continuation of their groundbreaking research, Afferent Medical Solutions has announced plans to initiate a Phase 2 clinical trial at Queen Mary University London, further advancing the development of their innovative AffeX technology and paving the way for a new era in hypertension management.



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