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In-Home Consultation

Reimagining the Future of Cardiovascular Health

Checking Blood Pressure

Afferent Medical Solutions proprietary technology is the culmination of years of scientific research by worlds leading scientists

Improving Human Health Through
Research and Technology


is one of a new breed of bioelectronics medicine companies to have emerged from decades of scientific research in neuroscience in academia, set up to advance neuromodulation device-based solutions for the treatment of circulatory system diseases and other therapeutic areas poorly served by existing medication


Cutting Edge Research

Afferents device based therapy is non-invasive, well tolerated and can be self-administered from the comforts of ones home


Prof. K. Michael Spyer

Chair at Afferent Medical Solutions

Ex-Chair NHS London

“Our non-invasive device-based technology is truly a game changer that will improve the health of millions of hypertensive patients"

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